How to fix if Outlook 2007 crashes when sending and receiving emails

You can store mails, notes, journals, schedules, tasks, calendars, etc in the files of the Outlook 2007 i.e. called PST files. You can also send or receive email messages throughout your organization or other locations with the help of this application. But sometimes you may get “Outlook 2007 crashes when sending and receiving emails” error message on your computer while working with the mails. It is a very annoying situation and you will not be able to send or receive email messages without resolving the issue. So you can use some manual methods or you can also use Outlook PST Repair Tool to get rid of the problem automatically.
What are the symptoms –

Main symptom is that when you try to send or receive emails then there prompts a very nasty error message “Outlook 2007 crashes when sending and receiving emails” on the screen. You can also see the system stuck and screen freezing at that moment. The PC becomes very slow and Outlook also responds lately.

What are the reasons –

Main causes are corruption in the PST files, oversized PST files, corrupt or malicious files present in the email box, incomplete installation of the Windows, incorrect Windows registry entries, misconfigured system files, missing DLL, internet disconnection, invalid username or password, etc.

How to fix Outlook 2007 crashes when sending and receiving emails –

  1. First of all go to the start button and type scanpst.exe in the search box.
  2. Double click on the scanpst.exe to open this tool.
  3. When the tool is opened, then click on the browse
  4. Select the files that are corrupt and browse them to the scanpst.exe tool.
  5. Click on the start button to repair the corrupt files.
  6. At the end of the process you will see that corrupt files are repaired and you are ready to send or receive emails.

With the above manual steps you can get rid of the error issue of “Outlook 2007 crashes when sending and receiving emails”. But it is also a truth that scanpst.exe is not capable always for the repairing the corruption. It may fail in some serious situations. So you can use Outlook PST Repair Tool in this situation to fix the error automatically.


Outlook PST Repair Tool will always helpful to repair or remove corruption from the Outlook automatically. With the help of its efficient repairing process the tool can repair almost each and every error from Outlook 2007 and other versions. It will also optimize the productivity of the application and Windows startup very much.

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