How to Fix Scanotlk.dll Error in Outlook 2003 when you start Outlook 2003

You use Outlook 2003 for various purposes like sending or receiving email messages or to store different data like tasks, calendars, events, contacts, emails, notes, etc. These all data can be accessed only if various DLL files are located on their specific folder. But sometimes some of the DLL files like scanotlk.dll gets missed and the system become critically inaccessible. So to fix Scanotlk.dll error in Outlook 2003 you need to go through some manual or automatic way of troubleshooting. You can use Outlook PST Repair Tool for the automatic removal of this particular error.
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Symptoms –

You can fix Scanotlk.dll error in Outlook 2003 when you first identify the exact issue. So first look at the error message that exactly prompts on the computer screen;

“Unable to load <install path>scanemal.dll. You may be out of memory, out of system resources or missing scanotlk.dll file”

You can also see slow performance of the computer or Outlook 2003, automatic shutdown, starting problem, BSOD error prompting, etc.

What are the causes –

Many causes are there like missing or corrupt scanotlk.dll file, virus infection, less memory space, unable to connect with the server, corrupt Windows registry settings, misconfigured system files, improper shutdown, hardware failure, software corruption etc.

How to fix Scanotlk.dll error in Outlook 2003 –

Go through the following manual steps to fix this issue:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to Tool menu> options.
  3. Click on Other tab.
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. In the opening window click Add-in Manager.
  6. Uncheck the Exchange Scan.
  7. Keep clicking on OK until all windows are closed.
  8. Close and restart Outlook.

With all these manual steps you can easily fix Scanotlk.dll error in Outlook 2003 in your computer. But it is not an easy task as it seems. You should have a sound technical knowledge to fix this issue manually. In this case you can use Outlook PST Repair Tool to get rid of the issue automatically.

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With the help of Outlook PST Repair Tool you can automatically get rid of the Outlook errors in your computer. After scanning the whole computer, the tool starts removing and repairing the errors and corruptions automatically. It also optimizes the performance of the Outlook and your computer very much.

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