How to resolve of Olmapi32.dll Scanpst.exe Error & Repair Outlook PST Files

Iolmapi32.dll, dynamic link library file constitutes an important part of Outlook and is therefore responsible for smooth functioning of its different features. This file often referred to as the messaging application programming interface (MAPI) is meant to assist the very function by providing interface for messaging purpose. In addition to that Inbox Repair tool also uses olampi32.dll file in order to establish communication with the operating system and in turn utilizes resources of the very system. Issues with this very file results in improper functioning of the utility and it throws Scanpst.exe missing olampi32.dll error while being accessed.
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What Causes Scanpst.exe Olampi32.dll error?

Receiving Scanpst.exe olampi32.dll error while running the very tool indicates that there obviously lies a problem with the very component, it may either be damaged or corrupted somehow or is missing from its location. Malfunctioning software or hardware component or faulty and corrupt add-ins could also arise issues as this and this is what makes it all difficult to have access to items or use the very application in way desired to. Incompatibility of any sort, arising either as a result of conflict with the Outlook application or Windows version used often throws olampi32.dll outlook error and restricts access in all ways possible and is proper working is restricted as well.

Talking of a particular instance as such, in which post operating system upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the file would fail to perform its function properly on account of the very reason that when the file is called for execution it searches in Win 8 and evokes the same, however the one to be looked upon is of Windows 7 itself. Not being able to find the file required shows fatal error. Addition more than one copy of the file stored in program files folder would also render errors for users and affect functionality of the program adversely. This is why olampi32.dll outlook error needs to be handled cautiously by upgrading files to the latest version available to be compatible with the program version used.

How to Resolve Scanpst.exe olampi32.dll error?

Taking note of the causes that result in the error, it becomes all mandatory to replace any replica of the file that exists within Outlook folder. Once this has successfully been done you could have error free access to data files contained within. If, not the reason probably lies with Outlook data files owing to which the files have turned corrupted and could not be accessed. These cases need to be dealt with the aid of PST Repair Tool that analyzes files to find error, eventually helping them fix the same thereafter allowing easy & complete restore of the items back which could thereafter be imported to Outlook as .pst files.
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The tool comes equipped with user friendly graphical interface and this is what eases the recovery process to be done by all. Selective recovery, option to search and find file & items to be repaired makes the application more advanced & worth it as the task could be accomplish with much ease quickly. Whatever version of outlook you may be using recovery is assured in all cases as all of them say – MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 etc. So, get the software downloaded now & get back your data instantly.

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