What to do if scanpst.exe inbox repair tool does not recognize the file

If you have installed MS Outlook in your computer then scanpst.exe is automatically installed on this application as it is an inbuilt tool that comes with the Outlook version. It is saved in various locations on the Windows computer depending upon the version of the Outlook. Sometimes the PST files on your Outlook gets corrupt or some items from the mailbox get missed. In this situation you run scanpst.exe to find out the errors and to repair them. But you get “scanpst.exe inbox repair tool does not recognize the file” if your scanpst.exe is unable to recognize the corruption completely. So you should go through some automated tool to remove the errors. Use Outlook PST Repair Tool to fix the issue automatically.
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Symptoms –

When you run the scanpst.exe on your computer then it opens normally but it fails to recognize the error or any malicious file. Sometimes the scanpst.exe even fails to start in your Windows.

Causes of “scanpst.exe inbox repair tool does not recognize the file” –

It mainly happens if the scanpst.exe gets corrupt or if some of the components of this tool are not available in the system. Serious virus infection, incomplete installation of the MS Outlook, antivirus prohibition, dislocation of the scanpst.exe, oversized PST files, etc.

How to resolve “scanpst.exe inbox repair tool does not recognize the file” –

  1. Quite the Outlook application and go to the start icon.
  2. In the search box type scanpst.exe and hit run.
  3. Click on browse button and import the corrupt files or the files that you want to repair.
  4. Click on start button.
  5. Once the repairing is completed then you create a new .PST file and move the repaired PST file to the new one.

With the help of this issue you can easily fix the issue of “scanpst.exe inbox repair tool does not recognize the file”. But if you are still getting the problem then you should use Outlook PST Repair Tool to fix the error issue automatically.

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Outlook PST Repair Tool is a very unique tool that is responsible to fix the entire error problem automatically in your Outlook. With the help of this tool you can scan the system thoroughly and remove each error from the computer to optimize the performance of it incredibly.

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